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Architecture that holds itself accountable for its impact.

Always keeping in mind the bigger picture,
minding the environment we live in
and never failing an opportunity to do better.

Architecture that results from trust,
experience and innovation. 

Project-specific conditions ask for an individual approach, 
customization is what we excel at.

Architecture that excites, intrigues and provokes.

Because no two buildings are the same,

so why not embrace the chance
to make something that exceeds all expectations.

That is


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Untitled_Artwork (1)_edited.jpg
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Current stArchitects

Lieselotte Steurbaut - Ir. Architect - Zaakvoerder - Stichter - Vennoot

Thomas Blancke - Ir. Architect - Zaakvoerder

Arno Van Den Heuvel - Ir. Architect

Sara De Pelsemaeker - Architect

Lien De Jonghe - Architect

Yndra Dierick - Architect Assistent

Annelore Steurbaut - Office Manager

Ilse Dekens - Architect

Former stArchitects


Jolan Delboo - Architect Assistent

Sidney Van Huffel - Studente Interieur KASK

Sara Coppens - Studente Interieur KASK
Bert Van Wijnendaele - Architect Assistent

Frauke Hamerlinck - Studente Architect Assistent

Ruben Thys - Student Interieur KASK

Evelyn Vroman - Studente Interieur KASK

Merel Decleyre - Studente Ir. Architect
Klara Cole - Studente Interieur LUCA

Arthur De Cort - Student Ir. Architect

Sanne Delecluyse - Interieurarchitect

Anke De Meulemeester - Architect

Tim Degruyter - Architect

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